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  1. Between Sept. 16-22, a total hardware swap on the game servers will occur. Downtime will be between 2-5 hours assuming everything that could go wrong, does go wrong.. The reason for the hardware change is due to specific game servers not able to utilize all of the cores of the server cpu, thus limiting the gaming experience for players. Currently our servers are running at 4.2ghz per core, once the hardware change occurs, the frequency will be bumped up to 5ghz. Although this will make the game unplayable for some, due to players not being able to keep up with the server, this will allow those that can keep up with the server to experience a better lag free experience. More details on this upcoming event will be posted in the near future as we get closer to performing the hardware change.
  2. A scheduled restart is pending for one of our game servers running Factorio and some Halo Online games. This restart is required to apply updates and security patches to address some issues we are having on the back end. This restart is scheduled to happen at 3am CST, and will only take 10-15 minutes for the servers to be fully back online.
  3. General.V2

    Meltdown & Spectre kernel update (TBA schedule)

    The security patch was applied successfully.
  4. General.V2

    Meltdown & Spectre kernel update (TBA schedule)

    A server group restart has been scheduled for the public servers within the next hour or two. Update: Sorry, cannot give exact times for restarts, most likely within the next hour.
  5. Version 0.16.6


    The map this happens on is originally from the latest 0.15 but is now played on 0.16.6. When you are in the middle of loading the save, then press Esc on your keyboard, the game will crash. This happens on my headless server as well.
  6. Version 0.16.2


    Included are 2 auto saves. The older one is the last save that loads before the game crashes. The other one is the next save which does crash. There is a 15 minute in-game time gap between each save.
  7. General.V2