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Version 0.16.23

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  • Lamps stagger again during day/night transition. They also turn on much sooner and turn off much later.
  • The deconstruction planner "trees/rocks only" option can be inverted using the whitelist/blacklist toggle.
  • The Rocket silo entity info now shows 'Rocket parts: 50/100'.
  • Removed 'starting inventory' PvP option, as starting chests are a more proper solution.
  • Added 'required satellites sent' option to space race PvP game mode
  • Fixed snapping locomotive to station sometimes not working. (57380)
  • Fixed modded loaders with different dimensions crashing when destroyed. (56701)
  • Fixed that module effects would go negative when adding too many beacon effects together. (57425)
  • Fixed that changing an assembling machine recipe by copy-paste would delete the in-progress recipe items. (57452)
  • Fixed that directly replacing modules didn't work correctly. (57453)
  • Fixed that changing train stop names wouldn't update the last-user. (57481)
  • Fixed that the logistic count tooltip wouldn't show correctly for negative values. (57520)
  • Fixed that changing the stack size of the satellite through mods could make it impossible to win. (57487)
  • Fixed circuit controlled stack override sometimes being incorrect. (57421)
  • Fixed that mods could specify invalid categories, for a few classes of modded item. (57443)
  • Fixed pipette tool orientation of curved tracks. (57477)
  • Fixed that beacons would ignore the allowed effects on an entity. (57376)
  • Fixed that rail ghosts weren't placeable on top of enemy force's land mines, thus revealing the location of the mines. (57489)
  • Fixed Lua module limitations array being a map of strings to numbers, instead of an array. (57561)
  • Fixed that the market GUI wouldn't use a scroll bar even when the offers didn't fit in the window. (57505)
  • Fixed worker robot speed in PvP scenario. (57547)
  • Fixed that the blueprint preview in the blueprint library was smaller than the blueprint view you get after opening a blueprint item. (57577)
  • Fixed that the technology search would be broken by disabled technologies in some cases. (57600)
  • Fixed that mods changing stack sizes would break the inventory transfers tutorial. (57613)
  • Power switch copper wire connections are now saved in the ghost when destroyed and restored when rebuilt. (55381)
  • Fixed LuaSurface::regenerate_decoratives() would generate much more decoratives than normal map generator run. (57348)
  • Fixed clicking the label in sort-able tables wouldn't effect sorting. (57652)
  • Fixed that recipe tooltip labels would render outside of the tooltip area in some cases. (57386)
  • Fixed clamp_position=true on artillery shells would negate artillery range bonus. (57700)
  • Fixed item icon would not be rescaled to normal size if icon_size not 32. (57683)
  • Added "friend" and "not-friend" force trigger modifiers.
  • Added optional night vision equipment prototype "darkness_to_turn_on".
  • Added LuaGameScript::ammo_category_prototypes read.
  • Added LuaEntity::get_merged_signals().

Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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