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Version 0.16.20

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  • Fixed another compression problem on belts related to splitters.
  • Fixed that the cancel craft, import blueprint and blueprint book buttons didn't work.
  • Fixed biter related desyncs. (57048)
  • Fixed possible desync related to logistic network.
  • Renamed render_layers: ground_patch, ground_patch_higher, ground_patch_higher2, and air-entity-info-con to ground-patch, ground-patch-higher, ground-patch-higher2, and air-entity-info-icon.

Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Fri Jan 26, 2018 9:43 pm — Replies 0 — Views 84

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