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Bug Reports • [0.15.34] train skips station if the only enabled changes

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if I have following situation:

  • three stations 1*A, 2*B
  • a train which just drives from A to B, back and forth
  • the two B stations are connected to the same circuit network
  • the condition is mutual exclusive, e.g "red = 0" and "red ≠ 0"
  • if the signal red changes from 0 to 1, one station is disabled and the second one is enabled in the same tick
  • the train does not as expected route itself to the other B station but instead goes back to A

I played a little bit and created a minimal test case. Looks like it depends somehow on the build order or how the stations are renamed.

The top line works as expected.
The second line has the behavior described above.
The third line skips the second station which should be available on rerouting.
The fourth line works as expected again.

Kind regards,

Statistics: Posted by gheift — Tue Sep 12, 2017 11:30 am

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