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Bug Reports • Re: [0.15.31] Invalid text width inside the LuaFrame

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You can set the maximal width of the label with style, which would probably work well if you are hard defining the frame width

_npo6ka_ wrote:
I also tried to create the following style for the label:
data.raw["gui-style"].default["my_label"] =
  type = "label_style",
  width = 260,
  single_line = false,
  left_padding = 1,
  right_padding = 1,
  top_padding = 1,
  bottom_padding = 1,
  scalable = false,

But this also did not have any effect.
What am I doing wrong?

single_line in the style won't have any effect, it is a property of the label, not the label style

Statistics: Posted by Klonan — Sun Sep 10, 2017 11:25 am

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